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growing up

I always begged my mom to let me brush her hair & put in any hair accessory I could find.

I competed in gymnastics + track and always had a blast braiding my friends hair for competitions.

high school

I did my own hair for school dances (it was honestly awful). I knew I didn't want to go to college so I decided that I was going to move back to Colorado and try out beauty school. * Fun fact : I was actually born in Colorado just outside Denver but my parents moved us to IL to grow up with our extended family.


I attend  Toni & Guy and receive my license as a cosmetologist. I also begin working at J Gregory Salon as a receptionsit. 


I complete the apprenticeship program at J Gregory Salon and begin taking color + cut clients ( which I honestly hated and cried almost every day.) I also try out working at Sports Clips to see if I like men's hair and also try booth renting for a bit.


I get MARRIED to my best friend and even do some of my bridesmaids hair on my wedding day. 

I'm convinced I picked the wrong industry to choose a career in and decide to take a year off from hair to try and figure out what my true passions are. In the meantime I decide to work at a coffee shop and absolutely LOVE it.



I decide that there is still something in my heart towards pushing me in the hair industry so my husband helps me build a salon in our home to see if that would help my introvert heart. I continued to do colors + cuts and became frustrated again as I absolutely hated it. Then one day it clicked when a client asked "so why did you go into hair?" and it hit me that the whole reason I loved hair from a young age was STYLING it... and I wasn't even doing that as my main day-to-day.


I make STYLING hair my priority and ask lots of friends to let me do different styles on them so I could build my portfolio. I went to every wedding industry networking event that I could and I started booking lots of weddings.


I have 60+ weddings booked for the season and ABSOLUTELY LOVE MY LIFE. I truly didn't realize it was possible to love your "job" this much. My days are filled with so much happiness and gratitude and I finally feel like I have found where I belong in the hair industry ~ furthermore, I feel like this is truly what I am MADE to do. 

hi, im Brook! (1).png

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